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Innovative global technologies for the Brazilian market

Global BDP is a Brazilian-based Business Developer company in the technology space. With extensive experience and methodology, Global BDP speeds up the growth and success of international companies, mainly Israeli start-ups and high-tech companies, into the Brazilian market.

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About us

Global BDP is a Brazilian-based Business Developer company in the technology space. With extensive experience and methodology, Global BDP speeds up the growth and success of international companies, mainly Israeli start-ups and high-tech companies, into the Brazilian market.

As the Brazilian economy is large and diverse, Global BDP can assist innovative technology companies wishing to develop business in Brazil by gathering and providing information about local opportunities, developing specific strategy and executing the business development itself.

Global BDP portfolio is based on new and game-changing technology to help companies to increase revenue, reduce costs and boost customer experience.


Algorithmic credit analysis for receivables anticipation and dynamic discounting

The innovative and sophisticated algorithm of WorkCapital integrates ERPs to anticipate receivables from PMEs with individualized rates, as well as offering large companies a new way of relating to their suppliers through the dynamic discounting program.

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Behavioral biometrics to detect Bots

Unbotify is the only bot detection solution to date which is able to catch the most sophisticated fraudulent bots. Bots are used to carry out various malicious activities such as account takeover, ad-fraud, scalping, scraping and Layer 7 DDoS attacks. Our SaaS solution collects data on mouse movements, keystroke dynamics, touch events and accelerometer data to extract dozens of behavioral biometric features.

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Predictive Maintenance for Heavy Industry

Precognize listens to the thousands of sensors and data collected from plants, turning the data into a few, early, and precise actionable alerts.

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Salesforce on Autopilot

ONDiGO is an AI and automation platform that boosts the bottom-line performance of sales teams. ONDiGO is leveraging quantitative indicators such as: trends, sentiment and engagement velocity to increase win-rate, shorten sales cycles and capture repeatable-success-patterns.

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Optimizing Active Directory® Uptime through Insight

Semperis is a provider of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, addressing the challenges surrounding the operation of Active Directory® in Hybrid IT environments. Semperis solutions help enterprises mitigate risks resulting from system failures and cyber security breaches; meet regulation compliance demands and enforce organizational SLAs.

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Face recognition authentication software

IsItYou provides secure and convenient face recognition authentication software for service providers including network operators, banks, credit card companies, gaming and others. The software can be added to the provider’s own application and it can be integrated either as a cloud service or as an intelligent agent within the device.

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Producer and distributor of high-quality, cost effective Spirulina

Abundance is a producer and distributor of high-quality, cost effective Spirulina, creating a value business that respects people and nature, making Spirulina an affordable commodity, allowing the viable extraction of its ingredients through sustainable usage of resource in a transparent process.

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Redefining the Self-Service Experience

Nanorep provides Personalized Digital Guidance that leads customers on the correct path along their journey. The solution recognizes user context, including geo-location, product searches, knowledgebase information, and more to provide relevant, actionable information for your customers. Context also determines the type of guidance provided, where the same question can result in different answers for different people.

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José Ruy

José Ruy Queiroz Antunes

Founder & co-CEO

Senior Executive with more than 30 years of professional experience in Business, Commercial and Financial areas. Antunes was one the most important executive responsible for the introduction of the Germany Software Giant SAP in the Brazilian market. As Sales Director (3 Years) and CEO (9 years), he was responsible for consolidating SAP as the undisputed application software’s market leader supplier within the Brazilian “Fortune 500” market space (all industry segments). Prior to that he was CEO at Dun & Bradstreet Software.

Antunes has strong knowledge and experience in bringing foreign technologies and develop a strategic planning, brand development and positioning for Brazilian market. He is also Board Member and mentor for several medium and small tech companies either independently or through the Endeavor organization were, in the last 15 years, Antunes shared his knowledge and experience mentoring companies and entrepreneurs in areas such as sales, marketing, brand development and go to market strategy.

Antunes is fluent in English and Spanish, has a Degree in Business Administration by Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro and a CPA graduation by Moraes Filho University.

Marcos Peano

Marcos Peano

Partner & co-CEO

Senior executive with more than 25 years of experience in the technology, product and services business. Peano was Country Manager at Baan Brazil, Partner at Deloitte Consulting and Partner at Unisys for Public Sector, acquiring knowledge and experience for Consulting business sales and operations.

Peano has an extensive entrepreneurship experience. Entrepreneur and responsible for the development and exit for MTS and most recently, for BBKO Consulting development and exit process

Peano is fluent in English and Italian, has a Degree in Production Engineering by Universidade de São Paulo.

Illan Sztejnman

Illan Sztejnman

Associate & Business Director

Executive with more than 10 years of experience in Commercial, Relationships and Business Strategy areas. Previously, Illan was Regional Director of Endeavor Brazil at Rio de Janeiro, responsible for Strategic Planning, Partnerships and Network Management of Board Members, Mentors and Entrepreneurs from all the State. He was also one of the leaders of Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2013, the biggest event in this area.

Illan has a large background in entrepreneurship, with a experience in food area and most recently, a company called Proud Content, focused on business development for content creators.

Illan is fluent in English and Spanish, has a Degree in Communication and Marketing by ESPM.

Boaz Albaranes

Boaz Albaranes

Associate & Business Director Israeli Office

Boaz has more than 10 years of experience in international relations, technology and entrepreneurship, having worked in the Asia-Pacific Department of Foreign Trade Administration of the Ministry of Economy and the Center for the Promotion of Israeli Investments. In the last 4 years (2014 to 2017), as Economic Consul of Israel in Brazil - Head of the São Paulo office of Israel Trade & Investment.

Boaz led a fantastic work of commercial rapprochement, bringing several companies and investors from Isreal and Brazil to do business within themselves, in addition to having supported a record volume of "economic, cultural and motivational missions" between the two countries. He developed a solid knowledge and understanding of the economic reality and needs of the Brazilian market beyond the cultural characteristics and the business environment of Brazil.

Boaz is fluent in Hebrew, Portuguese, English and intermediate in Spanish. Graduated in Electrical Engineering with MBA, both from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.


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